We all have our thoughts/prayers… Can I be in yours today??

I’ve been thinking: I really love you as my friends. (Yes, FB friends, but I don’t really have friends on FB that I wouldn’t also call true friends in life.) So first, thank you for your friendship. 

Second, I consider myself blessed beyond measure to have such diversity among those I consider friends! 

I’m a Christian and I work in a church (I know, we AHS peeps never would have seen that coming 10 years ago).. But I was thinking about this a lot last night and I’m pretty sure I have just as many Muslim friends as Christian! And definitely many Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish friends. What a party!
AND many who don’t ascribe to a particular belief system, but would consider themselves spiritual…
AND lots who consider themselves agnostic or atheist—which was my dedicated worldview for 6 years before I became a Christian—so hey, shout out :)
HERE’S WHERE I’M HEADED W THIS: We each have our thoughts/prayers, whatever form that may take, and so I’m asking—can I be in yours today? Whether you are willing to have conversation with God, Allah, spend a few minutes in devotion/reflection, initiate some focused energy/meditation, or engage in positive thoughts around my circumstances—whatever flavor of intentional thought is yours—can you send it my way? And, can you like this post to show your response??

(Won’t this be a neat experience, too!? All of us joining together in committed thought around the same thing? That’s such a display of community! It would basically be the coolest social thing I could think of. And, the most humbling day of my life so far. Really.)

Here’s the specific deal: my white blood cell count has to rise from 0.4 to 1.0 today, in order to get discharged from the hospital after the stem cell transplant I’ve just undergone here in Chicago. So again I’m asking for your thoughts/prayers today on that front. What do you think, are you in!?

I love you,



4 thoughts on “We all have our thoughts/prayers… Can I be in yours today??

  1. You have our thoughts and prayers

  2. I’m “in” for you girl! Praying….. ❤Becca Beamer

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