Love & My First Chemo

It was really scary being in a big city away from home when I couldn’t walk and didn’t know my way around. Keith made everything okay, but then he had to leave. He was contractually bound to play a gig a week after we got here so he had to fly home.


Kelsey, one of my best friends, came to stay with me during that critical and scary time—bringing me to the hospital for my first chemo treatment/being admitted. I knew Kelsey coming here and leaving her husband and 11-month-old for the first time was a huge deal, and I felt so, so loved by all of them.

It was a beautiful, but difficult, time.
We laughed, prayed, cried, ate Giordano’s, laughed, cried. She helped me discover and express my honest fears and anxieties. God poured out loads of encouragement and love through her, and helped me keep it together while Keith was gone for the 3 days.

When you spend years at war with your circumstances, you become hardened. It doesn’t come naturally to be in need. The Lord used Kelsey’s love and this especially vulnerable state of mine to prepare my heart and lay a foundation for the rest of the journey.
And we had lots of fun, as we usually do.

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