Hair PART 2: Marital Moment of Head Shaving

If you’re looking for PART 1

My hair started seriously falling out Friday. By Saturday night my head was itching so much I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 4:30. SO annoying! It drove me NUTS!!! So I asked Keith to shave my head ASAP.

I cut as much hair as I could, we went out on our deck Sunday afternoon and shaved my head #likeaboss. (Except not really, because I was kind of yipping when he would get close to my face, and we’d laugh.)


Honestly we had fun. If our neighbors saw us I’m sure they thought we had lost our minds.
In the end we decided this was one of our favorite marital moments :)

How’s the Hair? PART 1

When we found out the transplant would become a possibility, I realized: I care about my hair. DEFinitely not as much as Will Ferrell in The Campaign (or Anchorman) :), but I do care. I had never considered this before but I guess once you know you’re going to lose something, you start to appreciate it more.

I hadn’t been appreciating it… Me + high messy bun = BFFs. What style could be better than this 30-second, über-versatile ‘do? For months I sported a top knot literally every day. Whenever I’d wear it down people would comment on my, “long, beautiful hair,” and how they “never knew!”
Yikes! Guess I really confined my hair to exist strictly above my head? But designing your own head is fun. Why don’t I do that anymore? I always enjoyed it. So I adopted a new M.O. and styled my hair/did something funky—or at least had it down/plain—basically every day. I’m glad I did that because it’s gone now.

They said I’d start losing my hair 14 days after the initial dose of chemotherapy, so it started falling out last Monday. I made an appointment with my stylist—Carolina (-leena) at The Kindest Cut Salon—for the next day. I was donating to Locks of Love and couldn’t procrastinate any longer. In order to give the longest amount possible I found a short, edgy style I wanted to try. Carolina offered to take before/after pics, and then I enjoyed the challenge of styling short hair–it’s tough until you get the hang of it! And a real pain when your hair seriously starts falling out, i.e. Friday.